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What is white glove moving? Essentials of white glove movers

If you are planning on moving to your dream home, but still worrying about numerous safety aspects of your valuables and their moving process, NYCgoing is always here to take care of all your needs. NYCgoing is dedicated to provide luxurious service and arrange top-quality transportation for all your belongings in the shortest time. White glove moving offers convenience for you and ensures safety for all your valuables.By getting white glove moving, you can be confident in suitable packaging for any type of you antiques, chinas or expensive furniture. Our moving specialists guarantee safe packaging, labeling and delivery of the things you love and want to see in your new home.

white glove movers
white glove moving

Affordable local white glove movers near me

NYCgoing ’s priority is our clients. So while providing white glove moving, we assign a personal manager to each and every job. Manager provides round-the-clock information and support for the customer, prepares a preliminary estimate (cost calculation), and monitors the work progress. Our team is going to carefully pack your stuff and transport them to your new home with extra care. Our moving specialists use only top quality materials to handle your valuables and label the boces, so you won’t have any difficulties while unpacking them. When needed, our moving specialists will assemble and arrange your furniture at your new home. As well, they will take care of disposal of packaging materials, garbage collection, etc.

white glove moving

Best White Glove Moving Services Around The Country


Safe, Easy and Flexible Moving

  • Packing & Unpacking

    The packing of things is done very carefully, the packing is adjusted in accordance with specifics of things and objects. The most suitable packaging materials are selected for packing, and this service can be provided at the initial place of reception, thus completely minimizing the risk of possible damage.

  • Custom Crating & Transporting

    Specially manufactured packaging materials help us to ensure the safety of each item during the moving, because we understand the importance of clients’ belongings! The transportation of valuable items is associated with an increased risk, so we take care of all security guarantees from quality packaging to insurance.

  • Express Moving

    Express moving NYCGoing offers is advantageous to those of our clients who want to love their valuables promptly and safely. When time is rushing or unfavorable circumstances arise, or you just want to overcome the stage of moving as quickly as possible, our moving experts will make sure that everything will be delivered to its destination as quickly as required.

  • Disassembly / Assembling Furniture

    Disassembly / assembling of the furniture we offer will make it easier for you to avoid additional worries about finding specialists and wasting time. Forget wasting more valuable time and money and leave it to our professionals.

  • Paperwork

    The absence of necessary paperwork will certainly become a problem. So, NYCGoing takes this responsibility and all documents, insurance papers, risk factor assessments will be prepared accurately and quickly by our professionals. Our experts will make sure that the entire moving process is prompt, easy and hassle-free.

  • Recycling / Garbage Removal

    Recycling packaging materials greatly facilitate the whole process, because our customers no longer need to worry about even such trifles as garbage. We also provide garbage removal service.


Why Choose NYCgoing?

Besides offering the top quality packaging and transportation of your valuables, NYCgoing offers convenient bookings, affordable prices and even the same day service. For your convenience, we cover all areas of New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and other states by request.

So, if you are searching for top quality white glove moving services and affordable prices, contact NYCgoing today and schedule your booking!

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