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NYCgoing is experienced in all types of pianos moving  and packing, but we always take additional precautions while moving such valuables as piano. Such valuables as music instruments always require additional safety measures, so our moving specialists will ensure that they are carefully packed. In order to avoid scratches and other damages, we use a protective firm, edge protectors, bubble wrap, etc. For certain types of music instruments, NYCgoing offers custom crates and provides suitable boxes, so they will be protected while piano transported. For carrying such instruments as the piano, we use special lifting belts. With their help we can assure rational redistribution of the load and control the position of the instrument.

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Careful packaging is important, but our piano moving professionals are also trained to slightly loosen the strings of any string musical instrument, so the quality of the sound can remain the same after transportation. NYCgoing specialists are trained to disassemble and assemble such instruments as piano, so it can be easily transported into your new home, office or studio. Music Instruments transportation or moving is a very common issue among musicians and music lovers, however most of them trust the professionals. NYCgoing guarantees the top quality of the job, offers insurance and always works at the highest standards. Our stuff are experienced piano movers, who know how to complete the job of any complexity.

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Affordable Piano Movers in Brooklyn, New York


Why to choose NYCgoing ?

While transportation, music instruments are fixed, in order to prevent any bents or damages. We offer convenient bookings, affordable prices and even the same day service. So, if you are searching for top quality music instruments moving services, contact us today and schedule your booking!

We cover all areas of New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Bronx, Staten Island and other states by request.


We Use Best Materials and Techniques

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    Transporting, carrying a piano or grand piano is a hard and responsible job, one mistake of a loader can permanently deprive your piano of sound and turn it from a good musical instrument into unnecessary trash. It is difficult to carefully remove a large and heavy piano from a small city apartment (which can weigh up to 800 lb.).
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    The piano is first packed in bubble wrap, then, with great care, the loaders take it out and lower it into the car. Paying special attention not to damage the environment of your apartment and the piano itself. In the car, the tool is attached to the side with special belts, transported strictly vertically.
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    Ordinary movers do not know how to competently transport a piano, often with inept transportation it gets damaged: the frame cracks or warps, the acoustics is irreversibly broken, and different parts of the body break off. To prevent this from happening, the tool is carried exclusively on long belts with which it is intercepted from below.
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