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Professional Packing & Unpacking

What is the most important thing when transporting and storing property? Correct and safe packing services when moving in Brooklyn, NY! And this requires not only the availability of high-quality packaging materials (boxes, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, etc.), but also knowledge of the design features of each item. Specialists of the company NYCGoing know this firsthand: they have extensive practical experience in packing and transporting furniture and other types of property. Only compliance with the packaging technology developed by us allows minimizing the risk of damage to property during loading / unloading, transportation and storage. In addition, our company bears full financial responsibility, therefore, before starting work, we must conclude an agreement.


Affordable Packing & Unpacking in Brooklyn, NY

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    Personal belongings packing

    Personal items that require careful packaging may include clothes, books, dishes, and objects. Therefore, all property needs reliable and safe packaging. Clothes on hangers are transported in special wardrobe boxes, which can then be used as inexpensive temporary closets.

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    Furniture and interior items packaging

    When packing pieces of furniture, it is important to reliably protect the end parts and corners, as well as glass elements, to pay attention to solid wood furniture, expensive, polished. If necessary, the furniture is disassembled, all removable elements and accessories are packed separately. To avoid external damage, the sliding elements are securely fastened.

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    Packaging for office and household appliances

    The safety and further operation of the equipment depends on the reliability of the packaging. The packaging must completely cover all the breakable surfaces of office and household appliances in order to prevent damage from shaking. Air bubble wrap or cardboard is used as a spacer.

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    Packaging for musical instruments

    Musical instruments are usually irregular and very fragile. As a rule, they cannot be simply put in a box, so we create individual packaging from bubble wrap and cardboard for each item. This packaging method protects the instruments from damage.

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    Sports and medical equipment packaging

    When packing equipment, it is necessary to take into account the type of equipment and dimensions. The packaging will protect against possible contamination and damage. During the packaging process, we securely fix all protruding parts. Thanks to the packaging technologies available in the company, we guarantee reliable equipment protection.

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    Packaging of antiques, paintings

    Extreme care must be taken when packing. We protect the paintings so that foreign objects do not touch the canvases, which can cause external damage. It is not enough just to put fragile objects in a box, a tight fixation is necessary.

Bet Local Packing Services For Moving in Brooklyn

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Packaging for moving in New York

To transport property over short distances, we pack furniture and things, focusing on the protection of property from chips, scratches and various external damages that can result from friction of objects inside the car while driving, when taking property out of the premises (narrow corridors, openings, etc. stairs) and unloading from the vehicle.

We will inexpensively and reliably prepare your property for long-term transportation. For long distance transportation, enhanced protection of all transported items is required.

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We Use Best Materials and Techniques

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    Experienced professionals

    Our specialists are pleasant people both in communication and outwardly. And most importantly – professionals in their field, so they will reliably pack property using high-quality packing material for moving.

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    Packaging technologies

    Packing of furniture and things when moving is carried out in compliance with the technology developed by us, which allows, on the one hand, to perform work quickly and inexpensively, and most importantly, to minimize the risk of damage to property during loading / unloading, transportation and storage.

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    Professional packaging materials

    We are 100% confident in the quality and reliability of the packaging materials used, since they are all designed and made to order – especially for our company.

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