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Long Distance Movers - NYCGoing Will Guarantee Stressless Moving!

Do you know that long  distance moving requires proper planning to make it smooth and carefree? Although it may seem like a huge project to work with, it’s actually pretty simple if you are knowledgeable in the field. It’s easy when you hire professionals who know what they are doing – that’s why NYCGoing is here to help. Starting from providing you with the quote, our company works with you to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision, and then, to collect all information we need to complete the moving process within the estimated budget and in a timely manner. Using this information, we can answer any of your questions, as well as provide an approximate cost. To make it easier for you, you can request a free quote for moving with NYCGoing, right here on our website.

long distance moving
long distance movers

We offer long-distance storage options to keep your items safe until you need them.

NYCGoing offers storage for a long or short period of time – and don’t worry, your belongings are completely safe with us. If you have a small number of boxes or you need to store the entire apartment, we have capabilities to take care of the project. If you need more information about our storage services, visit our New York storage service page. This is just another reason why NYCGoing is considered one of the best companies in the region. Serving New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Saten Island, Bronx, Long Island. NJ, PA, FL and other states.

long distance movers

Perfect For State To State Moving Around The Country

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Safe, Easy and Flexible Moving

  • Cross Country Easy

    Transportable containers are ideal for moving long distances or moving around the country for work, especially if you have not yet completed your apartment/house renovation, or didn’t even find a new place!This feature is extremely convenient and offers additional timing, so you can take your time looking for a new place.

  • Get Help With Packaging and Loading

    In addition to mental stress when planning your moving process and actually moving, there is a physical task – to assemble the whole house of belongings and furniture, and load it into the truck. Our local professional packaging and loading services will do as much as you need, so you can save energy for housewarming.

  • We’ll ensure your belongings are yours!

    Traditional transportation companies often transport items from several customers in the same truck, which increases the likelihood of mix-up and loss of goods during transportation. NYCGoing containers are loaded by you, locked by you and unlocked by you, completely eliminating the possibility of such mistakes.

  • Change of plans? Do not worry.

    Moving can be difficult, and we understand that sometimes things can change. With NYCGoing, this is never a problem. We are always striving to be flexible, so we can quickly and easily transfer dates and destinations.

  • Delivery Address Not Required

    NYCGoing is ideal for moving when you are still not quite sure where you are going to live. Regardless of whether you start a new job as soon as possible, and you still need time to find a place, or if your new home is being renovated before you move, our built-in storage options make it easy to store your things with us while you are not ready to move.

  • Storage For Moving

    NYCGoing offers storage, packing services and materials for better moving. We can pick it up and deliver it to a secure storage center, send it to other people,such as your relatives or friends, or even both.

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