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Every step is important. No matter how far you go.

Do you know that any moving within the city or within 60 miles of your current location is considered a local moving? However, the fact that you travel short distances does not mean that you should not consider professional local moving companies. Moving can be stressful, overwhelming and can seem like a huge project. Well, it shouldn’t be! That’s why we are here to help – our local transportation company offers a full range of local moving services, including packaging and customization. In addition, we offer customized wooden crates for fragile items such as art, antiques, marble and glass. No matter what you need, NYCGoing can provide a level of customer service and experience unmatched by other local carriers.

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local movers near me

We want you to make your local move happy.

We understand that moving can seem very complicated and expensive. However, at NYCGoing, local moving is usually based on the number of hours needed to complete the relocation, but sometimes a fixed price may be indicated during a quote. The total cost of moving depends on the volume and size of the items being moved, as well as the number of movers that will be required to complete the project . NYCGoing moving is considered as one of the most affordable companies in New York. It is important for us to make sure that every customer is fully aware of the details, prices and expectations before the project begins.

local movers near me

Local movers experts knows best solutions around to New York.

NYCGoing is an experienced moving company that helped thousands of people to bring their precious belongings to new homes, apartments, and even college dormitories. But most importantly, we know what customers in New York want: honesty, promptness and care. That’s why NYCGoing has always been a number one among all of New York’s moving companies. Our award-winning customer service has brought NYCGoing Moving hundreds of satisfied customers and a reputation of a trustworthy local moving company in New York area.

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Perfect For Local Moving Around New York State


Safe, Easy and Flexible Moving

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    Assembly / disassembly and relocation of furniture

    Moving often involves assembly and disassembly of furniture to properly fit it into a truck and to obviously for more secure transportation. When working with us, you can simply forget of all your doubts! Our experts are not only movers, but also experienced furniture assemblers.

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    We pack personal items, interior pieces and equipment

    We will ensure the safety for all of your belongings during moving: we will pack household appliances, furniture and interior items. We will help you collect any things: dishes, books, children’s toys. We will transport clothes in special boxes directly on hangers. So, nothing will be forgotten. We will carefully mark the boxes, so you can easily find the items you need upon arrival into your new home.

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    Transportation of furniture

    Usage of specialized moving trucks makes furniture transportation safe and secure. Our vans are upholstered from the inside and are also equipped with lashing straps, so furniture and appliances will be securely fixed and will not be damaged during the transportation.

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    Loading and unloading

    Our company’s specialists are qualified and ready for job of any complexity. They will carry and lift all of the furniture and appliances to the needed floor, even if the building does not have an elevator or door dimensions are too small to fit them; they will load and unload furniture and appliances from a track after the transportation.

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    Furnishing new house/apartment

    Need to equip your new home? After transportation, we will assemble and arrange furniture according to your liking; Our professionals will assemble curtain rods, paintings, mirrors, shelves and TV; unpack things and take out all the used packaging material. They will help you to organize your new home with the furniture and things you love quickly and with maximum comfort.

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    Storage of furniture and your belongings

    We will provide storage spaces for your belongings in case of renovation of your new apartment/house, relocation or in connection with other circumstances. We can store your belongings and furniture starting from 1 day to any long period needed. Payment is calculated based on the actual volume of property and timing needed for storage.

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