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Once in a while, all of us have to deal with moving, so IKEA furniture assembly and disassembly is truly important, in case you want to feel home in the new house or apartment. There is no need to explain the importance of correct disassembling and assembling furniture from IKEA the valuable furniture pieces, so you can simply feel home in the new place. Most of the time, proper furniture assembling requires professional assistance, so NYCgoing is alway here to offer our services. We offer convenient hours, same day bookings and affordable prices, so you can enjoy your new home avoiding any struggles!

furniture assembly near me

Affordable IKEA Furniture Assembly NYC

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    furniture assembly service

    Why choose US to assemble IKEA furniture for you?

    Moving, despite its complexity, is not an easy task and it’s always associated with furniture transportation, its disassembly and assembly. You can face such issues as bulky cabinets not entering the doorway or the elevator room, so complicated assembly them at your new home is inevitable. We are here to assist you through the whole moving process, including taking your furniture pieces apart and then gathering them together. Our IKEA Furniture assembly services near me specialists are ready to disassemble, deliver and assemble your valuable furniture from IKEA pieces at any time you need.

    furniture assembly service

    Why should you use NYCGoing to assemble NYC furniture? We’ve all been there. You’re just crazy about the IKEA website and you know that in a few days many boxes of IKEA heavy furniture and flat furniture will be on your doorstep. You may have forgotten how stressful this furniture assembly process will be, but trust us – when you open this box and seventy screws of every possible size spill onto the floor, you’ll wish you were better prepared. At NYCGoing  , we want this process to be as smooth and stress-free as possible. Fitting furniture in New York doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Skilled, skilled furniture assemblers who use the NYCGoing  platform will take care of all your items with impeccable care, whether you need someone to turn those hundreds of pieces into a folded sofa or computer desk.

    In the unlikely event that something goes wrong during IKEA furnitrue installation, your booking is covered by the NYCGoing  Happiness Guarantee for peace of mind. All foremen on the NYCGoing  platform are checked and tested. In addition, we offer a NYCGoing  Happiness Guarantee which means we will work hard to fix everything if you are not satisfied with our services. Another reason why millions of people trust us as the most important when it comes to assembling furniture is because of our flexibility. Whatever you need, whether it’s someone to assemble a bookcase, table and chairs, or even assemble a bed frame, we have the right DIY in New York for you for the job.

    Who can use NYCGoing  to assemble IKEA furniture assemble in New York? From Soho to the West Village and from Williamsburg to Astoria, NYCGoing connects you with the best furniture fitting option in New York City. Maybe you are moving to a new house nearby and on the way you have a new dresser or desk that needs assembly. Or you just ordered a new coffee table that is currently lying in parts on the floor of your living room. Assembling IKEA office furniture assembly is a difficult process at the best times and a nightmare at worst. Therefore, it is best to leave the IKEA assembly in New York in the hands of professional furniture fitters on the NYCGoing  platform.


    We will assemble the IKEA furniture you purchased directly from your home or work. This service will save you time that you can spend on anything more important.

    The professional IKEA assembly service processes more than 2000 orders a year, over three years. We are the first alternative company made up of professionals with over 9 years of experience.

    We guarantee that our professional assemblers:

    have relevant experience;
    will arrive at your place on time;
    promptly, using a special tool, carry out high-quality installation;
    keep all IKEA guarantees;
    will clean up the packaging materials left after all work.
    If you require a build service, just give us a call. Our specialist will be with you very soon. A home visit to a client who lives in Minsk inside the Moscow Ring Road is free. If you need a visit to a client who lives in the region, the fare will be from 15 rubles.

    The general bill for the assembly of furniture assumes prices up to 10% of the total order value (but not less than 20 rubles).

    8 reasons to order from us:
    1. Individual approach

    We do not work “for the flow” and do not chase the number of orders. Each of our work is an individual approach.

    2. Professional tool

    Even with “golden” hands, one cannot do without a high-quality tool that allows us to perform even the most complex and demanding work.

    3. Work seven days a week

    We love what we do, so we work without days off and holidays.

    4. Accuracy in everything

    Quality and accuracy in everything is our main rule. The result will pleasantly surprise you.

    5. High quality services

    We value our reputation, so we guarantee the high quality of our services!

    6. Reviews

    Positive feedback from our clients.

    7. Fixed cost

    You will find out the total cost of work at the time of contact, and not by the result of the assembly!

    8. Guarantee for all works

    Our professionals are provided with a one-year warranty.

    Assembling the IKEA kitchen
    Assembling a kitchen with subsequent installation is a complex and time-consuming process, which is difficult to cope with in the absence of the necessary skills or experience. Often, even an experienced collector, depending on the size of the task, has to spend a day or even more on the process.

    A complete kitchen installation includes:

    Preparatory work, checking the completeness, availability of sufficient fittings and fasteners, selection of tools.
    Collection of furniture frames, leveling, fastening to each other.
    Assembly and installation of shuflyad, internal parts, their connection together.
    Trimming of individual parts for pipes, wires, and other technical communications.
    Hanging the upper cabinets on the wall, screed to each other.
    Door installation and alignment.
    Cost – 12% of the cost of the kitchen set + additional work

    Assembling IKEA furniture
    Sideboards, beds and other furniture from IKEA are relatively easy to assemble, besides, all the parts fit perfectly with each other, the holes are drilled precisely, and the fittings are of high quality. However, this work in an unprofessional performance will require a lot of time and confidence that the new cabinet will not be scratched, the bolts will be well tightened, and the doors will be adjusted. If you have no desire to remember your childhood playing in the constructor – please contact us. Our professionals will complete the installation in a short time, ensuring that they will serve you for many years.

    There are no unsolvable problems for our craftsmen; in a few hours they will assemble any piece of furniture for you:

    CABINETS. It is not the most difficult job, but it does require precision and masculine strength, as you have to deal with large details. With our specialists, the assembly will take place accurately and quickly;

    BEDS. Lift beds or options with linen drawers – each piece of furniture requires a different approach. The more complex the model, the more time is spent on assembling it, and a person without experience cannot cope with some of these tasks;

    WARDROBE. They are compact and versatile, but their package includes a huge number of shelves, partitions, small parts and fittings. Due to the size and complexity of the work, it is better not to do self-assembly;

    LIVING ROOMS. Such furniture, as a rule, is large-sized, it includes a large number of decorative details, glass elements and mirrors. Get to work only if you are completely sure of success. Think that assembling IKEA furniture at home from our company will solve this problem quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.

    A detailed list of works included in the collection service:

    Collection according to instructions;
    Mounting on the wall (hanging on porcelain stoneware, granite and marble is not available);
    Wall mounting in cases provided by the manufacturer;
    Setting and leveling the horizontal level within 2 cm, provided that the adjustable feet are used;
    Hanging of facades, installation, adjustment of door hinges, door closers;
    Installation of internal filling (except for plugs for openings of shelf supports);