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Once in a while, all of us have to deal with moving, so furniture assembly and disassembly is truly important, in case you want to feel home in the new house or apartment. There is no need to explain the importance of correct disassembling and assembling the valuable furniture pieces, so you can simply feel home in the new place. Most of the time, proper furniture assembling requires professional assistance, so NYCgoing is alway here to offer our services. We offer convenient hours, same day bookings and affordable prices, so you can enjoy your new home avoiding any struggles!

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Moving, despite its complexity, is not an easy task and it’s always associated with furniture transportation, its disassembly and assembly. You can face such issues as bulky cabinets not entering the doorway or the elevator room, so complicated disassembly and assembly them at your new home is inevitable. We are here to assist you through the whole moving process, including taking your furniture pieces apart and then gathering them together. Our moving specialists are ready to disassemble, deliver and assemble your valuable furniture pieces at any time you need. Despite the complexity of the job, our moving specialists are prepared to take care of it!

furniture assembly near me

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What NYCGoing offers?

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    We take care of the delivery of large-sized and built-in structures, glass sideboards and any other type of furniture you want to transport. Our assembly specialists are trained in high-quality assembly and disassembly, being able to properly pack and load products into the machine. If you need to transport glass, mirrors and doors, our specialists are prepared and have all the necessary equipment.

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    Before moving itself, structures should be disassembled and packaged. Elements, such as mirrors, glass, front of the walls or cabinets must be packaged. Our moving specialists will use bubble wrap, foam rubber, cardboard and properly sized boxes to ensure the safety of all your valuables.

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    Loading in a vehicle

    Furniture will only be safe when quality loading and delivery is properly implemented. In this delicate matter, it is important not only to correctly load, but also to know the order in which furniture is loaded. Our moving specialists are experienced in securing the pieces while transportation, so you can simply enjoy the results!

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    Affordable Prices

    NYCgoing offers convenient bookings, affordable prices and even the same day service. For your convenience, we cover all areas of New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and other states by request.

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