Fragile Packaging Services in Brooklyn, New York


Usage of suitable packaging materials.

Don’t ever underestimate the value of packaging materials, because the quality of the boxes will assure the safe transportation. Reliable boxes are a must, so your valuable things can stay still and can be protected while transportation.

It’s important to use precise sized boxes, bubble wrap, edge protectors and additional layers of protection, so your valuables can be delivered in the same condition as packed.

fragile packing
fragile packaging

Place the heaviest items at the bottom and wrap carefully

In addition to using high quality boxes and packaging materials, it is important to create the proper structure for putting the objects. For example, heavy objects, such as furniture, must be put in the bottom, while fragile things have to be on top. While all objects are properly structured, chances of bent or breakage are minimized.

Our specialists know the importance of wrapping each and every item individually, so there is no risk that fragile dishes will break on the way to a new place. They will take time to wrap all of your valuables separately in  order to keep them safe and undamaged while transportation.

fragile packaging

Affordable Fragile Packers in Brooklyn, New York


Why to choose NYCgoing ?

Moving can be stressful, but common sense and prior planning can help eliminate pitfalls and make the whole process smoother. NYCgoing will make sure to take appropriate measures to protect all of your things, including fragile ones.

We offer convenient bookings, affordable prices and even the same day service. We cover all areas of New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and other states by request.. So, if you are searching for top quality antique and fine art moving services, contact us today and schedule your booking!


We Use Best Materials and Techniques

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    Wooden boxes, boxes and other similar products are made of high quality materials. Reliable fasteners are used to connect their structural elements – bottom, walls, cover. The container can be completed with different types of lids, handles that simplify its loading, unloading and carrying.
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    Special attention should be paid to wooden gift wrapping. It looks especially neat, original souvenirs, collection wines, Christmas tree decorations and much, much more will look extremely good in it.
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    The peculiarities of wooden packaging produced and sold by our company include: high quality workmanship, a wide variety of standard sizes, affordable cost.
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