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What is the most important thing when transporting and crating? Correct and safe crating services when moving in Brooklyn, NY! And this requires not only the availability of high-quality crating materials (boxes, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, etc.), but also knowledge of the design features of each item. Specialists of the company NYCGoing know this firsthand: they have extensive practical experience in crating and transporting furniture and other types of property. Only compliance with the crating technology developed by us allows minimizing the risk of damage to property during loading / unloading, transportation and storage. In addition, our company bears full financial responsibility, therefore, before starting work, we must conclude an agreement.

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Main Advantages of Crating Goods in Wooden Containers

  • Maximum rating cprotection

    The cargo packed in wooden crating is protected not only from negative environmental factors, but also from severe mechanical damage, therefore, various deformations during storage and transportation are completely excluded.

  • Compact storage and convenient transportation

    Due to the high rigidity of wooden crating, it is possible to store and transport cargo in multi-tiered warehouses, which saves significant space and money without damaging the cargo.

  • Suitable for heavy and extra heavy loads

    Due to the properties of wood, with the correct selection of the type of wood for custom crating, even very heavy loads can be packed.

  • Convenient loading and unloading operations

    Wooden boxes are very convenient for loading and unloading due to the possibility of using various equipment for these works.

  • Environmentally friendly crating

    Wooden crating of goods is environmentally friendly, therefore it is suitable for transportation and storage of food products. Reusable. Boxes made of boards can be reused for both storage and transportation of goods.

  • Use of additional crating materials

    In a wooden crating box to protect cargo from moisture, you can place a silica gel to absorb excess moisture, or a shock sensor for loads sensitive to shocks and impacts.

Affordable Custom Crating in Brooklyn, New York

How does custom crating work

How does custom crating work?

This delicate process starts with our team coming in for an in-house assessment of all the items you want to safely transport in our wooden crates. Our specialists will determine the size and shape of the boxes to accommodate all of your items. You can always advise on the valuables that require special care, and our specialists will pay additional attention while building the crates and transporting them.

Our team of experts will carefully measure the size of your items and start working on the wooden crates for safe transportation. This process is more complicated than it seems, because our wooden boxes contain two layers of protection: a soft protective part that surrounds the object itself, and a hard protective part that closes the box.

How does custom crating work

What are the benefits of wooden custom crates?

Custom crates are beneficial in many ways, but the first priority for every company is your valuables safety. Custom crates offer you an additional layer of security to the things you love. Custom crates can be built for any type of valuable, including antiques, furniture or electronics. Despite the complexity of the job, Our company guarantees safety of the valuables you have while transportation. Despite our guarantee of safeness, NYCgoing offers convenient scheduling, precise measures of the crates and affordable custom crating  prices. To ensure your convenience, we offer our services in all areas of New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and other states by request.

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Custom Crating Materials and Techniques

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    Wooden boxes, boxes and other similar products are made of high quality materials. Reliable fasteners are used to connect their structural elements – bottom, walls, cover. The container can be completed with different types of lids, handles that simplify its loading, unloading and carrying.
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    Special attention should be paid to wooden gift wrapping. It looks especially neat, original souvenirs, collection wines, Christmas tree decorations and much, much more will look extremely good in it.
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    The peculiarities of wooden packaging produced and sold by our company include: high quality workmanship, a wide variety of standard sizes, affordable cost.
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